The Greenroom

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The Green Room is a super impressive closet which is just perfect for a home grower. It is a completely automated, fully fitted grow system that comes with every component you need to start growing today, with a “No-hassle” one-year warranty, a weekly/monthly subscription for all the essentials that you require. 


The Green Room comes in at 24” wide, 24” deep and 48” high, making it a great producer for the tightest of spaces. The cabinet is air-tight, light-tight, quiet, safe, aesthetically pleasing and lockable which makes it perfect for your home.


The Lighting System 

Fitted with one 300W Mastergrow LEDs which are spectrum specific and designed for photosynthesis. It provides the perfect lighting environment for higher yields by boosting the vertical growth of the plant. One of the other advantages is that it ensures that the light is equally distributed over the plants. The LEDs are connected to a timer and can be used without manual assistance. 

The Ventilation System:

The Green Room is fitted with a 4” AC intake fan and two 4” AC exhaust fan. It keeps the environment inside the cabinet cool and airy and helps you control the humidity too. A one-way air pump and an air stone to oxygenate the water.


The Vegetative/Flowering Chamber 

It holds up to 6 plants and is ideal for personal or small commercial grower.

Utilizes a Drip irrigation system from a reservoir that holds up to 10 liters. 

A lock and key are provided for the safety of the plants, cabinet, and instruments. 

Features a timer for the LED panels .

Anti-mold reflective, removable and adjustable panels that provide optimal light distribution and cleanliness.

The corner plants are equally catered too, hence they don’t get left behind.

High-quality yield with stronger roots and plant structures.

One power output of 110V required.

The system accommodates hydroponic system on water beds provided by us.


Irrigation System

The Green Room comes with cutting-edge bubble irrigation system, in which every plant can be irrigated using the same resevoir. A generic 12V/3W DC submersible pump is drain and fill the tub. The whole system comes with a fitted air pump to increase the amount of oxygenated water given to the plants. We provide resevoirs that support upto 6 plants and volumetrically hold up to 35 litres and these can be specially requested, We provide a 10 litrebucket with all our systems. 




- 300W full spectrum LED lights

- Hydroponic system

- Activated carbon filter x 2

- Door lock

- Movable

- Light Timer